About The George Rose Band

It was 1982 when the George  Rose Big Band started on its successful journey of giving the public so many great live performances. The band has, over the years, recorded much of its repertoire on record, tape and CD for the fans to enjoy.

Starting out as an extremely fine swing band  the band’s recordings trace the music from the original swing to contemporary R&B, soul, and a bit of rock in the 1997 recordings. This progression led to the present stage where the band is playing more jazz-flavoured arrangements, show tunes and famous vocalist hits.

The band has become more identifiable by the music its members play as many of the arrangements are now written by a select few arrangers that the members have embraced as the type of writers they prefer.

The quality of the band’s performance has never been better as playing in the band has always been a labour of love for the members and, as a result, they continue to improve. Band leader, Rose, sees himself more of a coach than a leader and often pushes the members to achieve by presenting new challenges. Rehearsals are more like a family gathering because of the camaraderie enjoyed by the members, however, once George counts in a musical selection, it’s all business and everyone gives his or her best.

The membership in the band comes from varying professional backgrounds, including a large number of current or retired school teachers, an ex-homicide detective, stained glass artist, spring manufacturer, steel company employee, grocer, professional musicians, accountant-bookkeeper, auto technician, graphic artist, university student and a businessman/mechanic/ investor.

While most of the band’s engagements are within a 150km range of Brantford, Ontario, they have been known to make excursions to places like New Liskert, Tobermory, and Pt. Elgin.

There have been many theories as to why the George Rose Big Band has stayed together so long, but really, its all about the music, and the quality of the musicians, both as players, and as people.