Band Members

George Rose
trumpet/band leader

Hailing from a musical family, George grew up in rural Burlington. His experience with concert bands, orchestras, small combos, theatre pit orchestras, jazz and dance groups, eventually led him to big bands. Forming his own big band in the early 1980’s, George has never looked back, and in the years  that the band has been together they have now recorded 8 albums.

Sean Colwell       
trumpet/road mgr.

One of the band’s founding members, Sean has seen many changes. A student when he joined the band, Sean has now had a successful teaching career, and is now retired. Studying music first at Humber College and then McMaster Univ., Sean graduated with an honors Bachelors. He has gained an enviable reputation as Mr. Music  in the Brantford area, as he has conducted most bands and orchestras in the area.

Jon Berec

Jon is a talented trumpet player who also plays guitar and has been known to sing. A graduate of Waterloo Univ. Jon majored in music and computer science.Jon has been a regular in the band since the late 1990’s.

Alan Queen

Originally from the Windsor area, Al attended Western Univ. following highschool, majoring in music. As well as teaching music for the Brant County Board of Ed. Al participated in local orchestras and bands, playing concerts and shows for many years prior to joining the George Rose Big Band.

Chris Walton

Chris is a multi-talented musician who has played on the band since our very first engagement. Always a stong lead player and an amazing soloist, Chris has been an inspiration to many students and seasoned players alike. Following high school Chris studied music at the Berkley School of Music in Boston, and since has played with orchestras and bands of all types.

Sandy Manning

Sandy is a talented musician, who has spent  a lot  of time playing with and supporting local bands and orchestras.Often in the pit orchestra for local musicals Sandy can be seen on Sax or  viola. Another multi-instrumentalist, Sandy also plays flute and soprano sax. Sandy also operates a saxophone quartet called “Saxation”.

Al Newhouse
Tenor Sax

Al is another multi-instrumentalist who is at home on any of the saxophones. Also a fine graphic artist, Al’s work can be seen on any of our recent albums or posters. Al also operates a smaller group, called Corner Pocket.

Rebecca Marshall
Tenor Sax

A professional musician who works at engineering to make a living, Rebecca started out as a pianist. Before long, through involvement with the Burlington Teen Tour Band and later military bands, Rebecca became proficient on many instruments, including sax, oboe, flute and percussion, including xylophone. Her experience includes symphony orchestra, concert and marching bands, dance combos, and of course big band. She has performed all across Canada with the Canadian National Band of the Naval Reserve.

Roger Girard
Baritone Sax

Whether it’s flute or clarinet or one of the saxophones, it makes little difference to Roger, he plays them all well. After graduating from McMaster Univ., Roger taught High School for many years, often helping out with the high school bands, while still maintaining a busy playing schedule of his own. Roger operates his own 10 piece band called “Splender in The Brass”.

Bob Phillips

Starting with a musical family, then school, and community bands, Bob furthered his musical training at Western University in London and went into teaching.  Bob retired from teaching in Brampton, Ontario, and now makes his living as a musician, performing with various groups including, The Royal Canadian Artillary and 48th Highlanders bands, The Rose Symphony, The Guelph Symphony,Brass Roots(London), the CNE Mardis Gras Band, and of course, The George Rose Big Band.

 Joanne Romanow

Formal  music education began in highschool and continued at Western Univ. in London, ON. Following her 32 year teaching career, Joanne has devoted her time to both directing and performing, in Dixieland, swing, and concert bands, as well as brass ensembles, pit orchestras, and a Klezmer group. Joanne also plays upright bass. 

Ron Czermak

Originally from Dundas Ontario, Ron played with the high school band and then joined the navy at HMCS Star at age 17. Ron traveled across Canada with the National Band of the Naval reserve. Ron studied Engineering and management at McMaster University, after which he lived in BC for a few years, working as well as playing in area bands. Since moving back to Ontario during COVID, Ron has 
played in several area bands, and we are very happy to have him in our band.


Chris Hoffman Bass

Chris has a wide variety of experience in the music business. From wholesale and retail sales of instruments, music and accessories, to teaching  music in schools, to performing background music for broadway shows, Chris has seen it all.

Jennifer Langton

Jennifer is a very talented individual who has performed professionally as a flautist, pianist, vocalist and dancer. As a flautist she has performed with the TSO, HPO, K/W orchestra and many others. Jennifer studied Music Performance and Education at U of T leading up to her teaching position with the Toronto District School Board. Whether singing with the Belle Art Singers, dancing in a stage production, playing piano as a performer or accompianist, or playing flute with a major symphony, Jennifer has stayed at the top of her game. Now retired from her teaching position, she has returned to Brantford, and is exploring new and challenging musical endeavours.

Steve Urech

Steve has become known as the guy with the strange bass. As different as Steve’s bass may look, it sounds great in Steves’s hands. Steve played around the Hamilton area for many years  with orchestral groups and dance bands before joining the George Rose Big Band in the early 1990’s.

Marc Girard

Influenced by his musician father, Marc’s love for music started with piano and then guitar lessons at an early age and was soon gigging along side his dad and other musician friends. Following high school music Marc studied at Mohawk College graduating with a diploma in jazz guitar. Playing full time on cruise ships, and free lancing around the GTA in Rock and Jazz groups , plus musical shows, and being house guitarist at Hamilton’s Cat & Fiddle jazz Jams filled the following years. Eventually taking a non-music day job, Marc has stayed active playing with several groups, including combos, duos, and big band.

John Mulholland

 John is a drummer with years of experience. He shared drumming responsibilities with our band when we first began with Glen Silverthorn, and then went on to play with pop bands, orchestras, musical shows, and many other outlets for his skills. John was an officer for the Fisheries Dept., stationed in Pt. Dover for several years before becoming a school teacher. He has now retired, and has come back to our band.

Michelle La Pointe

Michelle is a talented vocalist with an exceptional voice. She has performed with many choirs and vocal groups, including a trio called “Makin’ Waves” with whom she recorded. Always an audience favourite, Michelle joined the band in 2005, and has been featured on the band’s latest CD’s.